Brian tiernan

I started doing ventriloquism when I was 5 because I was fascinated by this special brand of magic.  No lasers, no screens, no trap doors, no curtains, just an illusion so powerful that even though everyone knows how it's done, they still believe an inanimate object has life....Cool huh!

The Cast

Jerry O'Toole - A wisecracking guy who grew up in a toy store in NYC.  He has entertained audiences from eight to eighty with his classic comedic style.

Ernestine Jefferson - I fiesty Southern lady who's not afraid to tell it like it is.  She brings the wisdom of her years and her unique perspective on life to every show.

Shamus Hanratty - A mischievous leprechaun direct from Irelamd.  He likes to play tricks so watch out when he's onstage!

You??!! - An audience member will get a chance to have me put words in his or her mouth.  You never know what they might say.......!

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